A Summary of 2017

Our Ratepayers Association had a very productive year.  We hosted two general meetings.  The first was with Joe Taylor, Warden of Peterborough county and Linda Kerr from Community Care.  Our second meeting featured two gentlemen who updated us on the proposed hydro project at the Buckhorn dam and a representative from MPAC explaining how property assessments and taxes are calculated.  Both were very worthwhile.  We once again did the roadside pick up yet garbage continues to accumulate.  Look for our spring roadside cleanup announcement as we plan to enlarge our area as we get more participation.

We donated $500 of you hard earned dollars to community care and a further $1,000 to the renewal project at the Buckhorn Community Centre ball diamond.  This ball diamond upgrade will make it possible to run a children’s ball league in the summer. 

We owe a huge thank you to Marnie Clement who keeps us up to date as to the working of council and we use her reports to determine if there are areas we should get involved in.  Recently we have organized a protest concerning the proposed moving and centralizing of the roads depot to north of Bobcaygeon.  It looks like this is NOT going to happen and we had a hand in making the Ratepayers aware that this was in the works.  I am turning the Chairman position over Marlys Kerkman Gaines. I will continue to volunteer in the role as vice chair. 

Our membership has grown very nicely this past year and we need to continue to grow as information is very hard to communicate in our very large rural area.  I wish each and every one of you a happy and safe Christmas and look forward to our spring meeting.  I know Marlys has a dandy planned!